The Tuscan countryside. Pure enchantment, clear colours and defined outlines.
And somewhere a village on the hills that is a delight to the eyes.

(Fabrizio Caramagna)




Tuscan hills, with their famous farms, villas, villages that are almost towns, in the most touching countryside there is.

(Fernand Braudel)

Design creates culture.
Culture shapes values.
Values determine the future.

(Robert L. Peters)

Paths wind along the hills that are so peaceful that they seem forgotten, among vegetable and flower gardens and olive groves regulated by the age-old art of pruning, where we wander through wonderful discoveries of things that are always the same and yet always unexpected.

(Bino Samminiatelli) 

Every hill a village.
Every village a story.
Every story a secret to tell.

(Fabrizio Caramagna)

Tuscany... come and discover it with us.

Tenuta Aquadivina (Aquadivina Estate) is a small refined world of culture, nature and taste.

Tenuta Aquadivina welcomes guests in refined environments in which to relax surrounded by ancient spaces enlivened by contemporary design and immersed in a bucolic landscape of soft hills marked by rows of vines, verdant olive groves and fragrant bushes of Mediterranean scrub.

Tenuta Aquadivina is a wine with an intense and fruity flavour, an oil with a distinct and herbaceous scent, a gin enriched by filtration with Carrara marble.

Tenuta Aquadivina is also a place where biodynamic agriculture offers products of superior quality and flavour.

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