Our gin

Tenuta Aquadivina produces an organic Gin made from herbs that are almost all grown on the farm.

The preparation of the gin involves a long period (several days) of infusion of the aromatic herbs with biological grain alcohol according to the classic Pot Still distillation, in which all ingredients are distilled in direct contact with boiling water and alcohol. This is the oldest distillation technique to obtain products of great persistence and aromatic impact. This process is repeated twice and ingredients such as juniper, citrus fruits, coriander, herbs, elderflower, laurel, java pepper and angelica root are used.

The product, which is always slightly cloudy after distillation, becomes perfectly clear after Carrara marble filtration. Thanks to its porosity, moreover, the marble also retains some of the essential oils of the botanicals in excess and makes the flavour of the gin more delicate and elegant, so that it can also be enjoyed pure. Finally, the final stage involves reducing the alcohol content to 42% vol.

Aquadivina Gin is perfect for the preparation of various cocktails:

  • Martini Cocktail
  • G&T: for the preparation of Gin & Tonic we recommend a tonic water which is not too aromatic
  • Skinny Bitch: this is a cocktail usually based on vodka and soda; if prepared with gin, soda and lime zest it is less caloric and the neutral taste of the soda does not alter the taste of the gin.

The bottles are made by a Tuscan glassworks: each one is hand-decorated with Carrara marble powder to make it unique and pleasantly surprising to the touch; every bottle is sealed with shellac and imprinted with the Aquadivina logo.

The ingredients of our gin