Biodynamic Farming

Our philosophy

"Farmers experience the living world. They activate the human organism and prepare it to receive the influences of the cosmos. By harvesting, mixing, burying, recovering and spraying preparations made from silica, cattle manure and herbs, farmers connect their soul to the soil, plants and animals. This in turn is reflected in the quality of our products."
(Dieter Bauer)

The biodynamic method aims at achieving totally natural agriculture, where fertility is conditioned by healthy soil and is achieved without the use of synthetic mineral fertilisers, chemical pesticides and plant protection products, but with cultivation techniques that exploit crop rotation, plant fertilisers, crop synergies and biodiversity. At Tenuta Aquadivina, for example, rows of fruit trees, rose bushes and herbs grow lushly between the vines.

Biodynamic agriculture consists of a particular way of working, observing and experiencing the land, harmonising one's choices with the succession of seasons and time, so as to always be in tune with nature and man.

Fertilisation, cultivation and husbandry respect the natural vitality of the soil and promote the typical qualities of plant and animal species.

The ideal basis for creating a biodynamic system is a farm with livestock: the animals are an important element of this system, providing fertiliser to be used after composting to increase the vitality of the soil. With this in mind, Tenuta Aquadivina will soon include a few animals in its complex: chickens and Ouessant dwarf sheep.